31.12.06 - After Party Pages

The after party pages are online.

Look at the results and browse through the pictures and reports.

If you want to help fill the page - just contact us

29.12.06 - Thank you

We just returned from the partyplace and would like to thank you all for attending.
It has been a wonderful party for us and we hope for you as well.

The releases are already uploaded to scene.org and should be available very soon.
Meanwhile you can get the results.txt from our website.

We are preparing an after-party section, so if you have any partyreports, pictures or videos, please contact us, so we can link to it.

And now we'll get some sleep :)

29.12.06 - Party over!

That's it - the Ultimate Meeting 2006 is over.
We're cleaning up the partyplace and everything.

Results are already at scene.org and waiting approval.
Meanwhile, you can grab the results.txt here.

Thank you all for coming! 

26.12.06 - Theme song

The tUM 2006 theme by jco is now online!

26.12.06 - Countdown

We're all heading to the partyplace at about 18h - so don't bother writing us mails or something like that.

If there is something REALLY important, call +49 (0) 171 7509613.

See you at the partyplace! 

23.12.06 - Internet-access

Good news!

Thanks to our sponsor Viprinet - we'll have state-of-the-art internet access with all you could ever wish for.
External IP's, real ircNET and so on.

22.12.06 - New sponsor: Bike Aid

The bikers over at Bike-Aid are donating one cent for every meter they drive (uphill) to a worthy cause.
Over the last 15 months, they drove more than 1.6 Million(!) meters.

And now they're helping us with some nice compo-prizes :)

13.12.06 - Sponsor-Page now online

Yeah - the sponsors-page is finally online and complete.

We managed to get a lot of supporters this year - THANKS!

On a sidenote: we changed the rules for the tracked-music competition. Renoise-tracks without VST are now allowed. 

11.12.06 - the Ultimate Invitation released

Finally, shortly before the party - there's the invitation demo.

Please enjoy "the Unreasonable Meeting" by Speckdrumm (and don't forget to update your DirectX-Installation beforehand).

16.11.06 - Travel-Page updated

We updated the travel page on how to get there from Frankfurt/Hahn or Heidelberg. Thanks to scamp for the information.

14.11.06 - Bustrip to the Ultimate Meeting

As every year, DKeV is organizing a bus-trip from cologne.

Please click here for more information. 

01.11.06 - A new MAP!

Just a small update.

We replaced the old maps over at the travel information pages with a brand new one. 

28.10.06 - Updates BABY!

So we finally updated the website. GROOVY, eh?

The following things are new

Please read on for more information!

18.08.06 - Announcing tUM 2006 - your favourite DISCO-Event

Who's the black party dick
That's a sex machine to all the chicks?
Ya damn right!

Who are the orgas that would risk their neck
For their brother man?
the tUM orgas
Can you dig it?

Where's the foodsupport-team that won't cop out
When there's danger all about?
at tUM
Right On!

They say this party is a bad mother
I'm talkin' 'bout tUM.


17.08.06 - Website online


More infos about the competitions and so on will follow in a few weeks. Stay tuned! 

Welcome to the the Ultimate homepage 2006. tUM took place from 27.12. - 29.12.2006

questions? suggestions? flames? Don't be shy, use the provided contact form.

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