the Ultimate Meeting is a computer party solely dedicated to the demoscene. It's held on an regular basis from 27th to 29th of December.

Real creative atmosphere, carefully selected competitions and some unforgetable fun-competitions make tUM _the_ demoscene event at the end of the year.

The sixth edition of the Ultimate Meeting will again take place in Karlsruhe-Durlach/Germany and starts on wednesday (27th December 2006) at 13:00 and ends on friday (29th December 2006) at 14:00 after the prize giving ceremony.

The entrance fee will be 30 Euros (no other currencies). We won't sell single-day tickets. Traditionally, girls get in for free.

Just as the past years we will offer a reduced entrance fee for people travelling very long distances to visit the Ultimate Meeting. To take advantage of this special treatment, foreigners have to contact us in advance! Table reservation and/or paying in advance is not necessary.

  • plenty of space for about 250 visitors
  • big screen with high quality beamer and decent audio equipment
  • enough AC for everyone (be sure to bring along your power extension sockets)
  • plenty of competitions on various platforms and of course individual artists compos
  • free coffee and tea(!) (please bring your own mugs)
  • pure scene feeling, sceners only - GAMERS/LEECHERS: please stay at home!
  • rudimentary party network: just as last year we'll equip every row of tables with one or two uplinks to a backbone. Please bring your own switches/hubs/cables as we can't provide/lend these
  • Hotels near the partyplace
  • Cheap food and drinks at the famous tUM Foodsupport
  • the Ultimate Pizzawave
  • plus a lot more like stylish party t-shirts, fast- and fun competitions

questions? suggestions? flames? Don't be shy, use the provided contact form.

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